Een goede start, met Yoga op eigen maat

Buurthuis deBuurt poster CamelposeEen goede start, met Yoga op eigen maat 3

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Reddende engel project

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De fundamenten van yoga

De Fundamenten van Yoga Poster






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In sereniteit met stress omgaan



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The Dynamic Spine goes bilingual

Due to our relocation to Antwerp, Belgium, posts on classes and workshops geared towards local students will from now on be in Dutch. If you are visiting Antwerp, and would like to attend, kindly send me an email at for information in English.

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My best wishes for a wonderful 2016! Hope the New Year will bring you all great adventures, splendid health, good times with friends and family, and the financial situation which will allow you to make choices.



For me, the beginning of this New Year means my sabbatical has come to an end, and I’m really looking forward to wonderful new beginnings for The Dynamic Spine.

As some of you may know, I relocated to Europe, and The Dynamic Spine found a new home in the wonderful city of Antwerp.

As always, my classes will focus on Yoga as a tool towards health and well being. I am starting off with Yoga for Back Care, Yoga for Scoliosis, Yoga for Babyboomers and Yoga for Athletes. Of course I will still conduct some regular Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa classes geared towards students of all ages, seeking a steady and safe method to build up strength and flexibility.

To me, health is much more than the absence of sickness and disease. Health is a state where all your body systems function well and harmoniously, allowing you to feel full of vitality and bursting with energy when life is kind, but where you also have the physical and mental strength to cope with life’s challenges and difficult moments.

Yoga is about balance, and I firmly believe that health, feeling and looking good are neither found through austerity and deprivation, nor by overexhaustion and too much effort, but by making correct choices. The choice to do a few exercises everyday, and to remain flexible, strong and balanced through life. The choice to replace junk food by tasty, nurturing and healthy food which makes you look and feel good.. The choice to look at life through a screen of negativity, or to wake up each day and decide it’s going to be a great day.

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Please come and join me in Koh Samui on 13, 14 and 15 December. Workshops suitable for students and teachers


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Yoga for Scoliosis – Pictures

Some pictures of one of my students.

For more details see my post

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Most explanations of Scoliosis will describe it is a condition where the spine laterally twists, and possibly rotates, causing the ribs to rotate with it.

As a Yoga teacher who has seen many cases of Scoliosis, I have come to understand that the condition involves a lot more than the spine and the ribcage. When making an assesment of my student’s condition, I of course start from looking at the spine and ribcage, and where possible try to confirm my observations by an x-ray and ideally a report on it.

But an x-ray does not tell much about the other inbalances in the body. And believe me, a scoliotic body  is misaligned in many more ways

Just a few examples :

Fallen arches and weak and stiff ankles contribute to inbalances in the legs and thighs, causing the pelvis to tilt and rotate, leaving the spine no choice but to adjust itself laterally.

Uneven leg length, real or caused by by unevenness in muscle flexibility and strength may lead to the same problems.

Once Scoliosis has become a reality, the spine itself will affect and accentuate the other inbalances in the body. causing the problem to escalate.

The body will further adjust itself by creating compensatory curves and rotations. The shoulder girdle will compensate, and the shoulders will rotate in opposite directions. As the eyes try to level themselves, the neck will be affected by similar uneveness in length and rotation.

Yoga poses work the entity of the body, rather than just focused areas. Yoga poses not only influence muscles and bones, but have a deep effect on the fascia.

How you select the poses is based on the invidiual case. A general Yoga class is definitely a good choice where no specialized courses are availble, but it takes and experienced teacher in the subject to go beyond maintenance, as many poses may require adjustment to the individual’s specific case.

In my experience the basis of Yoga for Scoliosis cannot be taught in large settings, as each case requires studying and preparation, and time is spent during classes to adjust each individual student to assure correct execution of the poses. As the course and student’s spine evolve the focus of the practice may change, and adjustments be made both to the selection of poses and the manner they are executed in. It further takes a very trained eye to distinguish between what the student experiences and the reality of their performance.

Maybe other Yoga teachers have another succesfull approach to Scoliosis, and I merely wanna provide a short overview in answer to the many questions I have received on the subject. If you feel you have useful observations or other approaches, I am more than willing to take them into consideration, because after all, nothing is more important than the benefits to the student.

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