Bollywood Veggies

If you are looking for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road, try a trip to the Singapore countryside. We visited Bollywood Veggies, and had a great time.

Finding the place was a bit of an adventure, as we did it all by public transport – minus the shuttle bus. The provided map was full of interesting instructions. Caution ! Missing out or misreading any of the instructions might lead you to a lamppost 102 in the middle of nowhere. As we found out, there are very few taxis in the middle of nowhere.

One of the attractions of Bollywood Veggies is the farm tour (cost 2$), and I would definitely recommend this to anyone with young children. Apart from a nice variety of vegetables and fruits we are all familiar with, owner Ivy Singh-Lim also grows a few less common species, such as a type of figs I never saw or tasted before.

While you are there, try out the Poison Ivy Bistro. When we visited, Ivy and her friendly staff were hosting a seminar, but in spite of being very busy they gave us a warm welcome and some friendly suggestions with regards to the food. We tried the excellent Banana Curry, and the Aloe Vera drink and the Fig Tea – unusual but nice.

Ivy sells small quantities of organic produce, which she protects from flies with good old fashioned fly paper.

If you would like to visit Bollywood Veggies, log on to their website

Vegetables           dsc00521.JPG              dsc00527.JPG 

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3 Responses to Bollywood Veggies

  1. Yoga says:

    All I want to say: THANK YOU! You’ve written a great post, I like it a lot.

  2. vivianedd says:

    Thank you, that is very kind.

  3. ahlee says:

    nice to see your bollywoodveggies site.long time since my last trip with SGS guys.guess must have changed a lot by now.should upload many photos to stimulate people to go to your farm.good job ! keep going !

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